Ryan Swift Joyner

Sound Designer
AR/VR Creative

Anna Karenina

This video exhibits two cue sequences from my sound design for Anna Karenina. The soundscape flows through the episodic nature of the script and follows a similar journey to Anna’s: austere Russian themes give way to emotionally charged character motifs, while cyclical string arrangements highlight the self-destructive cycle that leads to Anna's morphine addiction and ultimately crescendos in a layered cacophony during the train suicide.


This video shows some of my favorite cue sequences from this one-woman show about time travel and the importance of human relationships. I started out in pre-show with some aural interpretations that NASA did of various electromagnetic fields captured in space. When houselights go to half, cue B starts what we called the "reverse Contact" in which we travel from space down into earth. With blackout, cue C crescendos out of our Russian drinking song, leading into lights up and the actress being sucked out of the Russian tavern onto our stage. She switches on her "Synchotron" machine and the show progresses; she recounts her travels to the audience: Her first time travel experience from a Thai monsoon into the Sahara, the Paris university where Madam Curie researched radiation, onto NYC's "rivers of cars". All the while trying to keep her machine up and running.


This audio exhibits a series of cues that played simultaneously with the lines and actions during the climactic murder scene of our steampunk version of Hecuba. Hecuba and her attendants lure Polymestor and his young sons into a tent, brutally murdering the children and blinding Polymestor. As he drags his children's bodies on stage, lamenting their death and swearing revenge, a song begins to play.

The Arabian Nights

This sample represents the ending sequence for our production. The concept was that as they close the book of stories for the final time, a sandstorm whips up and covers these stories and this culture for the next several centuries. We had been using the bell sound throughout the show to signify a new story, here it is used in the final moment to send the audience out into the world to begin their own.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Beginning sequence video and audio.